J. Marshall Jenkins

Author, Therapist, Spiritual Director

Speaking Events

J. Marshall Jenkins, Ph.D.

Since I write to listen, I welcome opportunities to further the conversation through speaking and leading discussions on faith, spiritual practice, and the journey through emotional struggles to a richer life with God. My writings on the Beatitudes in my book, Blessed at the Broken Places: Reclaiming Faith and Purpose with the Beatitudes, and in my Beatitudes Blog offer abundant themes for validating the faith and calling of people in painful times.

If you lead a church, retreat, spirituality or recovery group, I invite you to contact me to discuss how I can contribute (phone 706-766-1937, email jmarshalljenkins@gmail.com ). Subscribe to the Beatitudes Blog to receive a free electronic copy of the introduction and study guide for Blessed at the Broken Places. You will get a better idea how my reading of Jesus’ blessings can help your congregation or group.

Based on my writings on the Beatitudes, I have spoken at churches and spiritual formation centers on

  • “How the Beatitudes Changed Me”
  • “The Well-Formed Peacemaker”
  • “Blessings of Passion: Where Love of God Meets Love of Neighbor”
  • “Spirituality and Recovery from Emotional Suffering: Three Lessons from the Beatitudes”

To download a 14 minute audio sample from “Spirituality and Recovery from Emotional Suffering….” click here.

Examples of recent events include:

  • “Spirituality and Recovery from Emotional Suffering: Three Lessons from the Beatitudes,” at Shandon Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC on June 30, 2017, 9:45 a.m.
  • “Renew Your Contemplative Heart of Compassion” and “Lost Dreams and New Storylines: An Exercise in Imaginative Healing” at the Wild Goose Festival, Hot Springs, NC on July 12-15, 2017.
  • “How Mindfulness Works and How You Can Use It,” Floyd County Schools Kickoff Classic, Rome, GA, July 28, 2017.
  • “Fostering a Validating Environment for LGBTQ People: A Workshop for Friends and Family,” for Fortunate Families Retreat at Ignatius House, Atlanta, GA, September 17, 2017.

Upcoming events include

Please call (706-766-1937) or email (jmarshalljenkins@gmail.com) to plan an event.