J. Marshall Jenkins

Author, Therapist, Spiritual Director

Examen Prayer: Catching Up with God at the End of the Day

On the prayer that got me back on track — and still does.

Authentic Love in a World of Lies

How do you recognize a genuine smile?

Hold a Memorial Service For Yourself

If you could eavesdrop on your memorial service, what would you hope to hear?

Grace for Insiders and Outsiders

Hope for times when you feel like an outsider.

The Plain Truth of the Clear-Eyed Man

What does Jesus help you see today?

Embarrassed No More by Miracles

What healing stories make the most difference for your faith?

Love Amid Morning Light’s Ambush

What do you notice when you open your heart to God?

Political Incivility vs. Divine Mercy: Choose Your Story Line

On not letting political competition define you.

Heeding My Call…For Today, At Least

At 58, my vocational questions continue. How about yours?