I write to listen.

In reading, may you feel heard in a way that helps you name your passions, quandaries, and convictions on the faith journey.


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Jesus and the Rich Man Meet at a Fork In the Road

Jesus and the Rich Man Meet at a Fork In the Road

Blessed are the merciful, for the will receive mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God (Matthew 5:7-8). The following is the text of a sermon delivered at North Broad Baptist Church in Rome, Georgia on October 10, 2021 Sermon Text: Mark 10:17-31...

When I See Your Face

When I See Your Face

When I see your face, whether on earth or in heaven, I want to look into your eyes and see the face of God.


With over 40 years experience providing psychotherapy, I can best assist individuals and couples facing the following challenges:

  • Managing stress
  • Making hard decisions
  • Working through depression
  • Improving intimate relationships
  • Drawing on spiritual resources

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