J. Marshall Jenkins

Author, Therapist, Spiritual Director




My name is Marshall Jenkins, and I write to support your faith. More than securing heavenly hopes, faith undergirds your life here and now. God invites you to live the unique life of love for which God fearfully and wonderfully made you. God welcomes you in every detail and arena of your life, and by faith you sense and respond to that welcome and trust God to lead you.


Perspective & Focus

These core beliefs give my life and writing their focus:

  • God loves you, so I offer companionship in the surprisingly challenging task of accepting that love.
  • God reaches out to us and welcomes us through all things and experiences, so I offer imagery and insights to enhance awareness of grace in everyday life.
  • In Jesus Christ, God suffers for us and with us, so I offer whatever I discern in of his presence in my life and God’s word to help us find peace amid pain.
  • The liberator God, the resurrected Son, and the interceding Spirit, make peace by reaching out in often subversive ways, so I share God’s invitation to join the peacemaking project.
  • In a world that tries in a thousand ways to define us and shape our desires, only love discerns God’s will, and I offer spiritual perspectives and practices for that discernment.

My biblical faith prompts me to

  • openness, not exclusiveness,
  • contemplation, not dogmatism,
  • compassion, not competition,
  • peacemaking for all, not privilege for some.

Writings & More

I have published three books that address these themes:

Those books inform my blog, and you will especially see the influence of the first one as I usually open posts with a Beatitude from Matthew 5:3-12. As I continue to develop writings on the Beatitudes as tools for spiritual formation in everyday life, these posts will offer fresh perspectives.

I publish posts twice monthly on every other Thursday, technology permitting. Expect pithy, provocative reads, about 300-800 words. Please don’t be shy about offering your comments either. I love to know what you’re thinking, and some great conversations get started that way.

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For more information about me and for links to some of the most popular posts and examples of speaking events, go to the About Me page. Also, visit the Counseling Services page to learn more about my ministries of psychotherapy and spiritual direction.

This is a hospitable place.  Someone prepared a table for you and me here.  Enjoy the nourishment, the rest, and the company.


Unless indicated otherwise, all scripture quotations on this web site are from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, copyright 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America.