J. Marshall Jenkins

Author, Therapist, Spiritual Director

My Name Is Marshall, and I Am a Sinner

Looking for peace on earth? Let it begin with you…

Love Knows the Incomprehensible God

Recall an experience too wonderful for words. Was it God? Love? Both?

Mercy’s Party

Of course, you’re glad God loves you. But how merciful do you really want God to be?

Julian’s Joyful Insight Into Sin

How Julian of Norwich saw through suffering and sin to hope and love.

Beyond the Codependency Conundrum

Thoughts on drawing the line between the kind of unselfishness that serves and the kind that sickens.

“Only the Suffering God Can Help”

Recall a seemingly graceless time when God showed up. My thoughts on what that’s about…

A Grateful Contemplative

Read about the practice that matters to me most and how it brings me joy.

Life in Kairos Time

Would Jesus’ teachings and promises draw crowds today? Would his promises satisfy our yearning? Would we care?