J. Marshall Jenkins

Author, Therapist, Spiritual Director

Crisis Telephone Contemplation

As a boy, I was called by Christ. Literally.

Mercy on the Bloody Pass

Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy (Matthew 5:7). They call me good.  I say, not so fast.  Like anyone, I’ve done damage.  Unless a man never emerges from the shadows, someone sees his face and hates him for something.  Who am I to say they have no reason? So don’t call me […]

Jonah and Our Hard Political Hearts

Of course, you’re glad God loves you. But how merciful do you really want God to be?

Drop the Objectification Lie

What does the way you see a guy pushing a grocery cart full of beer and Slim Jims have to do with the way you see God? Everything…

Incarnation: How God Cleans Up a Fine Mess

A Lenten reflection on God’s incomprehensible mercy.

“We Pray and Live As Well As We Love”

A few simple words on prayer, life, and love to guide the life of faith.

Wild Goose Festival 2019: Christ in the Beauty and the Gathering

What the Wild Goose Festival 2019 meant to me.

Pollution Wars: How the Kindness of Jesus Offended and Healed

A meditation on why they killed Jesus and why we still praise him.

Receive Mercy and Your Christmas Is Just Beginning

Keep the Christmas party going!

Wild Goose Festival 2018: Faces That Keep Calling Me Back

Reflection on another wonderful Wild Goose Festival.