J. Marshall Jenkins

Author, Therapist, Spiritual Director

Walking Through Pain to Peace

What has the journey through pain taught you about peace?

Unassailable Security and the Way of the Cross

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God (Matthew 5:9). Sermon Lesson: 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 Ask any sane person in this insane, conflict-laden age, “Which do you prefer, peace or conflict?” and you will most certainly hear the answer, “Peace, of course.” Ask any rioter in Portland or DC, any denier […]

The Hard Work of Unity

How peace begins in your heart, not in your President.

Jesus and the Disinherited: Howard Thurman’s Wisdom for Our Crisis

For a deeper understanding of the urgency of racial justice.

Coronavirus and Your Spiritual Life: More Than Coping

On drawing nearer to God during the coronavirus crisis.

The Prince of Peace and Us: Who Waits for Whom?

What peace is and how Jesus made it.

Forgiving the Ones You Are Stuck With

On one of the toughest challenges of faith.

Forgiveness: When Unruly Anger Comes of Age

On the inner transformation that comes with forgiveness.

Three Dimensions of Peace & Peacemaking

While we’re on the subject of building a wall….

Making Peace with Beauty

How making peace with your body can help you bring peace to the world.