Bare Winter Trees (Poem)

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Bare Winter Trees
J. Marshall Jenkins

In my hurry
to the mailbox
this cold
December morning,

bare winter trees
draw my gaze
from rain soaked roots

to manifold etched
fingers pointing – look!
– to gray cloud cover
sagging under 

light poised
to burst through.
These trees —
chestnut, oak, and pear –

through stormy cold
night winds,

by simply letting
draw roots
down and about,

by simply letting
invite branches
up and out,

strong and fruitful
merely by resting
and allowing
in silent stillness.

Oh today I must
sit at their feet,
taking notes
in my heart.

Blessed are the meek,                                                                                                               
for they will inherit the earth (Matthew 5:3)

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Photo by Melissa Mullin
on Unsplash



  1. Cinda

    Oh Marshall, This poem is SO lovely. I just love it. I hope you write more poems to share with your faithful followers. Big Hugs to you and Wanda and have a super wonderful New Year full of love and creativity.

    • J. Marshall Jenkins

      Thanks, Cinda. I’ll keep floating poems out there. Hugs back at ‘cha from Wanda and me!

      • Bruce Day

        Very nice, Marshall. I love trees and enjoyed your description…

        • J. Marshall Jenkins

          Thanks for reading it, Bruce.

  2. Robert Jon Sapena

    Marshall that is really beautiful. I’ve always thought that winter had the best moods out of all the seasons and your poem really articulated that. Thanks!

    • J. Marshall Jenkins

      Thanks for your kind words, Bob.

  3. Steve Branch

    Thanks for sharing, Marshall. And thanks to Wanda for encouraging you to write and share poetry. Wonderful!

    • J. Marshall Jenkins

      Thanks, Steve. Wanda inspires me to write poetry, and she is one my favorite subjects.


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