J. Marshall Jenkins

Author, Therapist, Spiritual Director

Privilege and the Compassion Deficit

A call for kindness to ourselves in tough times.

Carefree Care

On worrying less and loving more freely.

Subway Saint

How an unlikely saint woke me up one morning.

Mercy Lies at the Heart of Things

Take this dare….for joy.

The Dream No President, Congress, or Court Can Reverse

There is hope woven into the grief so many feel in our nation.

Angels of Mercy: How the Fifth Beatitude Changed Me

Why I believe that mercy is where the angels are….

Liberation Makes Winners of Everybody

Why racial justice makes everyone happier.

Political Correctness, Compassion, and the Power of Words

Before you write off political correctness, consider this…

Hospitality: Space, Presence, and Entertaining Angels

How you entertain angels unawares.

The Little Scroll of Consolation

Have our deepest fears and comforts really changed in the last 2500 years?