J. Marshall Jenkins

Author, Therapist, Spiritual Director

Living the Questions through Loss

What questions do you live? Your answer will likely affirm your faith.

Mom Was Right

Living with some contradictions can bear much fruit. Let me share mine with you.

Peacemaking Amid Church Conflict

Can anything good come out of church conflict?

Science, Mysticism, and the Power of Unknowing

Don’t rely too much on what you know. Unknowing may save your life. Read on to see what I mean…

Compassion Spills from God’s Broken Heart

A touching image of God’s mercy…

God’s Love and Anger

Does God’s anger in scripture put you off? Before you trash your Bible, read this.

Learning from Donald Trump

Donald Trump teaches something important…probably by accident. Read to see what it is.


How does mourning find its way to gratitude? Take a clue from Psalm 22, Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, or your ongoing life story.