J. Marshall Jenkins

Author, Therapist, Spiritual Director

The Most Wondrous Mystery

Wonders found in a psalm, a run on the beach, and night vision…

Mirror, Mirror: The Best and Worst Time to Be Me

Why the journey to the real you is a journey to joy…

From Salt Lake City, With Love

Read why I feel blessed on Mormon holy ground.

God of Peace in a Violent World

Incessant news of violence can drive you to despair. But there is hope, and something you can do.

Pray Without Ceasing (and still finish the laundry)

Let’s roll up our sleeves, get down in the dirt, and pray.

Lord, Have Mercy

A common but powerful healing prayer…

You Can Rest Now

Get a feel for true righteousness. And relax.

Self-Esteem: Handle With Care

Think of your life as a party. Here’s a start at planning it.

School of Hope

Who teaches you hope?