J. Marshall Jenkins

Author, Therapist, Spiritual Director

What silence says

What do you hear in the silence of others? What do you say in yours?

For a Grateful Heart, Remember Your Losses

Remember when grace broke through the darkness?

Giving Your Gift, Receiving Sweet Grace

Giving what gift pleases you most?

Costly Grace for the Rest of Us

What cross are you called to bear?

Introvert’s Temptation

On finding sacred space amid the fray…

Integrity crisis

Lenten reflection with a comforting conclusion…

Beyond the Deficit Reduction Model of Care

Toward the kind of caring that can change the world…

Discernment: The Art of Really Living Your Faith

Moving beyond nominal belief on Sunday mornings to fully lived faith every day.

Courage, Fear, and the Ambiguities of Life

On faithfully facing tough decisions.