J. Marshall Jenkins

Author, Therapist, Spiritual Director

Acceptance Amid the Unacceptable: A Meditation on Serenity and Justice

You can accept things as they are and do your part for change too. Here’s a perspective on that.

Loneliness Discovers Christmas Hope

For you or someone you care about who faces a lonely holiday season….

Wild Goose Festival 2017: Come to the Banquet and Be Filled

A few days of beloved community beneath misty mountains and beside rushing waters.

St. Patrick’s Long Loneliness

Why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

How I Will Celebrate the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump

A spiritual way to observe the inauguration of a man who wounds our spirits.

Letting Go and Loving: How the Fourth Beatitude Changed Me

On the grace that comes after letting go….

Why I Believe in Eternal Life

Several months before my father’s death, I wrote this piece to ease his worries as he sensed the time approaching. It turned out to be my most widely-read post.

The View from Below: A Final Tribute to My Father

The pastor and my family asked me to offer some words at my father’s memorial service on Tuesday. Afterward, a number of folks asked me to share the text with you.

Filled Through Longing and Loving

Why the feeling of lack may mean you’ve got it made.

When the Politics of “Let’s” Trumps the Politics of “No”

How a realistic change in assumptions can bring hope back to politics