J. Marshall Jenkins

Author, Therapist, Spiritual Director

Christmas Questions: What Do You Want? What Are You Waiting For?

Ask the right questions this Advent season.

Beating the Political Blues

A faith-based response to political polarization.

Acceptance Amid the Unacceptable: A Meditation on Serenity and Justice

You can accept things as they are and do your part for change too. Here’s a perspective on that.

Loneliness Discovers Christmas Hope

For you or someone you care about who faces a lonely holiday season….

Wild Goose Festival 2017: Come to the Banquet and Be Filled

A few days of beloved community beneath misty mountains and beside rushing waters.

St. Patrick’s Long Loneliness

Why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

How I Will Celebrate the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump

A spiritual way to observe the inauguration of a man who wounds our spirits.

Letting Go and Loving: How the Fourth Beatitude Changed Me

On the grace that comes after letting go….

Why I Believe in Eternal Life

Several months before my father’s death, I wrote this piece to ease his worries as he sensed the time approaching. It turned out to be my most widely-read post.

The View from Below: A Final Tribute to My Father

The pastor and my family asked me to offer some words at my father’s memorial service on Tuesday. Afterward, a number of folks asked me to share the text with you.