J. Marshall Jenkins

Author, Therapist, Spiritual Director

Van Gogh’s Sermons

How would you preach without words? How do you?

Martyrdom: To Bear Witness by Loving

Martyrdom is more about a brave and beautiful life than a terrible death.

Sacrifice: Making Yourself Sacred

Guidance on what to give up for Lent.

Pray For Me, Reverend: An Open Letter to Representative John Lewis

On this Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday, let us honor a friend of his who carries his ministry forward.

Christmas: When God Meets Us Where We Are

If you think about it, Christmas speaks hope to our most despairing questions.

Reason Needs Faith More Than Ever

The real way to find truth that matters in our troubled times.

Love Is Never Wasted

When you wonder if love is worth it….

How the Beatitudes Keep On Blessing

On my blessing before breakfast on Saturday…

Witness That Nourishes, Witness That Inspires

Think of a story that bears witness to cherished truth.

Voices of the Wild Goose Festival

Something amazing happens every summer in Hot Springs, NC. Here’s my account.