J. Marshall Jenkins

Author, Therapist, Spiritual Director

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

How to get to heaven before you die.


An invitation to a weekend of learning and spiritual growth.

Ignatius Dreams: A Young Man Learns Discernment & Teaches the World

How the great teacher of discerning God’s will learned the art.

Privilege and the Compassion Deficit

A call for kindness to ourselves in tough times.

Acceptance Amid the Unacceptable: A Meditation on Serenity and Justice

You can accept things as they are and do your part for change too. Here’s a perspective on that.

How Billy Graham Reached Me….and Still Does

On my debt to Billy Graham.

From Helplessness To Hope After the Parkland School Shooting

Something you can do about the violence.

Humble Gratitude

How humility deepens gratitude and boosts hope in hard times.

Martyrdom: To Bear Witness by Loving

Martyrdom is more about a brave and beautiful life than a terrible death.

How I Will Celebrate the MLK Holiday

Let the spirit of nonviolence build you up.