What Every Heart Needs (poem)

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What Every Heart Needs
J. Marshall Jenkins


Every heart needs a witness:
hidden enough as it is,
it needs to be known,
cannot remain invisible,
yet it can only
be seen by its own.

Every heart needs tears
lest it shrivel and harden
like a forgotten raisin
that, nevertheless,
retains winey sweetness
that nobody tastes.

Every heart needs someone
to taste it, to turn it over,
to know it. This requires
silence, of course,
sufficient to hear
its rhythm and force.

Every heart needs a hearing
with no interruptions,
no comparisons,
no fixes, just time
dedicated, wounds

Every heart needs to witness,
to synchronize,
to soften and recognize
another like itself,
totally unique,
memorably sweet.

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Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God (Matthew 5:8).


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