Accept the Kindness That You Give

by | Jun 28, 2017 | For Wounded Healers

Accept the Kindness That You Give.

Dear Wounded Healer,

Every time you attend to the pain of others, you step out in faith. As you see the struggle and loss from their perspective and resonate with their anguish, you trust that God will guard your peace.
Walking with others through their dark valleys eventually leads to daybreak. Meanwhile, the way can be long and hot with potholes, traffic, and hazards. Tearful tales told by others remind you of your own loss and suffering. Their stories can seep into your bloodstream, readying you for danger with vigilant eyes and an agitated heart even when you are safe.
You must accept the kindness that you give. Exercise with a gentle attitude toward your body, and honor your body with the way you eat and drink. Embrace warmly the one God sent to hold and love you.
Find the words for how you feel and give voice to them. Honor friends by letting them listen to you like you listen to others. Just as you see Christ in those for whom you care, you will bear greater witness to Christ in your vulnerability than in your strength.
Pray from the heart with bold confidence that nothing you say can separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Allow God to accept you and love you as you are. Prepare to pray by remembering the small blessings of the hour.
Amid the tragedies of life, grace abounds all the more. Nothing wounds a lover like the refusal of a gift. So accept all that the Lover of your soul gives, and your treasure will only multiply when the time comes for you to give.
Grace & Peace,

Your Inner Voice of Love

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