J. Marshall Jenkins

Author, Therapist, Spiritual Director

The Welcome That Lights the Night: Pass It On

Where do you receive God’s welcome? Where do you pass it on?

Do Not Fight the Enemy Alone

A spiritual key for discovering your worthiness for love.

Amid Exhaustion, Listen to Jesus

When you’re at the end of the rope, God meets you there.

Journey Into the Better Reality

Encouragement when your help doesn’t seem enough….

Give Through Your Struggle

How your every struggle becomes a gift you give.

Give the Gift of Silence

On the mysterious power in our pauses.

To Love the Enemies Without, Love the Enemy Within

How to lead another person toward forgiveness.

Trust Yourself to Help

Getting beyond feeling like an impostor.

Treat Yourself Kindly After Error

Are you harder on yourself than you are on others?

Accept the Kindness That You Give

Do you give much but find it hard to receive?